The Weather Outside Might Be Unsightly But Your Skin Does Not Have To Be

Michael Moore Owner Simply MooreFor many people the cold winter days of Colorado bring more than a rosy glow to their cheeks. The chilled air and winter breezes generate chapped hands, chapped lips and uncomfortable facial dryness. How can we better prepare for the tough winter months ahead? How can we prevent discomfort and pain?

Start by finding a licensed skin care specialist. When visiting your local drug store or department store, searching for recommendations, it is often hard to find someone with the education needed to provide you with the right advice.
I always suggest to my clients that they come see me, another esthetician or a dermatologist if they feel their skin is getting that bad. As an esthetician we can analyze your skin, your diet and your daily regimen. Skin care professionals use this information to determine the right products for your specific skin care needs. Making an appointment with a professional does not mean that we will always suggest you use high-end products. There are many budget friendly purchases that will work just as well. It is our educational background on ingredients and their results that make the difference.Adding more moisture is essential as well. The products that were used during the spring and summer will most likely not be enough during the harsh fall and winter. Look for products that are oil based rather than water based.I like to use and recommend the Sanitas Skincare line. The line is biogenic and only utilizes products that you find in your skin; vitamins A, C, D and E. They are also filled with essential fatty acids. Another great thing to add this winter is a hyaluronic concentrate. This is a great additive to amplify the effect of any moisturizer. It penetrates the skin to bind with your moisturizer and produce a firming and plumping effect. This also helps to protect you from the damaging effects of free radicals.
Remember to look for a moisturizer with essential oils, humectants and add a hyaluronic acid for that added protection. Just one to two drops of the hyaluronic acid with your moisturizer and you are set.  Keep adding sunscreen is another crucial element to fighting the winter hazards our skin endures.  Sunscreen is not just for summer anymore.
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