Get a new makeup look for summer!

Makeup Artist Michael Moore In summer we are ALWAYS thinking of sun protection. That’s great, and I applaud you for doing so, but sun protection has got to be a year-round step in your skincare regimen. I do not care if you want to skip a moisturizer, but do not skip SPF!

So what do you look for in a good SPF? The first thing is to think broad based SPF, meaning something that will protect you from both ultraviolet aging (UVA) and ultraviolet burning (UVB) exposure. Next is to think mineral based SPF, also known as physical block SPF, which is going to block those harmful rays. Look for the ingredients Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These are not like zinc and titanium of the years gone by, they are lite weight and sheer. The key to keeping yourself protected throughout the day, especially if you are going to be outside doing any physical activity where you will be sweating or getting in water, is reapplying your SPF. Please make sure you reapply every couple of hours.

So what are some products that I like in particular? Some of my favorite SPFs are from a brand that is fairly new to the cosmetic industry called Lira. They started their company with three different formulations of SPF: Bio Solar Shield 30 is great and lite weight, normal to dry skin and good under makeup. Bio Solar Shield 30 Oil Free is great for oilier skin this time of year, or for people who tend to become oilier as heat rises. Bio Solar Shield 50 is perfect for dryer skin. It gives a great level of moisture, and can be used alone or over moisturizer for extra dry skin. Another one of my favorites is the Solar Block from Sanitas. This is perfect to block and give your skin a matte look and feel. Good places to find healthy SPFs are Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage, where you can find them all year long.

The next step after a great SPF for summer is changing your makeup! So what do you do to get a new makeup look for summer? First, lighten up your foundation. Think about BB Creams, tinted moisturizers, and mineral powders. All three are great multi-tasking products for coverage in the summer months. All are lite in weight, good source of SPF, and all offer breathable coverage. Next are the eyes. Think glowing shimmer, with a pop of color for those who are more adventurous. In the summer, a soft definition will wake you up. Make sure you go for brows, eyeliner and mascara. I am a big fan of getting brows and lashes tinted for the summer. It is a great way to bring out features with no smudging, and little disappearing. For your cheeks, a simple glow is always best in the summer. If you have dryer skin think of adding a cream to your cheeks for a sheer and healthy look. For normal skin look for a blush with a bit of shimmer, giving you the summer-hydrated glow to the surface of your skin. Oily skin should stay away from shimmer. Your skin is already shimmering! Go for a matte formulation to your blush. Lastly, let’s talk about lips. Play and have fun with your lip color in the summer. Sheer, bright colors are a big hit, but for even bolder color go for a bright color in a matte lipstick. That is the perfect way to stay right on trend for the season.

These are the tips and trends that will keep you current this season and easily transition you into the fall season.

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