Castles Home Decor has the special pieces to create an elegant home on any budget.

Castle Lamp
Castles Home Decor at 3000 E 3rd Ave in Cherry Creek North, has a treasury of accessories, furnishings, and unique gifts. Walk into this special store and find yourself immersed in what your home could be… cozy, chic, and elegant!  This vintage lamp takes me back to the Hollywood glamour days with its graceful lines and perfect mix of glass and metal.  If you are looking to update your living space, visit Castles Home Decor and see how changing just a few pieces in your home can create a whole new feel.

Making changes to your home can be daunting and seconding guessing yourself is inevitable.  Will these accents create the look I want and mix with what I already have?  Will this sofa fit?  Will a splash of orange create enough drama without going over the top?  Castles Home Decor and their Interior Design Service is the answer to your questions.  They will help you make the important decisions to create the space you are looking for.  Pamela Kelker knows how to interpret your needs and desires in a way that will truly exceed your expectations.

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