It’s Back to School Shoe Shopping at Little Feet!

6385684_orig9628437_origHey, it’s Back to School time at Little Feet, Denver’s premiere children’s shoe store. At this family owned and operated business, fitting expertise and footwear knowledge have been passed down from one generation to the next. Everyone remembers getting a new pair of school shoes every fall as the school year starts. Little Feet makes it a great experience for both the parent and the child! You may recall going to a store such as this when you were growing up, a store that still measures both feet for proper sizing, and gets to know you and your kids on a first-name basis. Bring your family to this family owned shop and put those little feet in their expert hands. Let the friendly staff at Little Feet in Cherry Creek North located at 201 University Blvd help your child find the perfect shoe to skip into their new classrooms!


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