The Alchemist is back in Cherry Creek North!

AlchemistIf you were in Cherry Creek North in the years past,  then you will remember a very special place called The Alchemist, which was next door to the Artisans Center on 3rd Ave. They are back and just around the corner from their former location. They are now located at 274 Detroit between 2nd and 3rd Ave, on the East side of the street.  The Alchemist brings in treasures from Europe and all over the world that you can not find anywhere else in Denver. Unusual perfumes, cosmetics, body care products, and accessories for both men and women.  Let the warm and friendly staff at The Alchemist show you all these amazing products! It’s truly a wonderful shopping experience! Whether you are looking for a gift or something for yourself, you will find unique products every time! The Alchemist is open Monday through Sat. 11-5:30pm and Sundays noon to 4 pm. 303-377-7567.



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