Check up on your make-up from Simply Moore!

When is the last time you cleaned out your makeup bag? Old cosmetic products are less effective than new ones and more likely to contain problem causing bacteria that can lead to infections, irritation, acne, and rashes. The experts at Simply Moore say that most products have an expiration or use-by date on the bottle or package and its important to pay attention to these dates to avoid problems.

As a general rule, mascara and liquid eye liner should be replaced every 2 – 3 months, lipstick and lip gloss last about 6 months, cream blush and eye shadow about 8 months, liquid foundation and concealer are good for up to a year, and any powder products (pressed and loose foundation, powder eye shadow and blush, brow powder, etc.) can last up to 2 years.

You should also discard anything (even if its new) if it changes consistency, develops a rancid odor, or starts reacting differently with your skin – these are all signs of contamination. No one ever wants to, but it’s especially important to toss eye makeup if you get an eye infection. Using contaminated eye makeup can cause more serious infection, scarring, and vision damage – scary stuff!

Following these simple guidelines from Simply Moore and keep your makeup sanitary and ward off unnecessary irritation.


All January, bring in any of your old makeup products (either products that are expired or products that you just never use) for the Simply Moore New Year, New Makeup Trade-In Event and receive a 10% discount on each new replacement product. We will help you pick out new colors, take care of tossing your old makeup, and donate any products that can still be used to Dress For Success.


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