Kaitlyn: The Mastermind Behind the Kaitlyn Collective

A couple months ago, the Cherry Creek Now team had the pleasure of getting to pick the brains of Kaitlyn, who runs the stunning boutique, Kaitlyn Collective. Through our Q&A, we got to learn about Kaitlyn’s history and love for fashion – read for yourself below!

CCN: Why did you get into the fashion business?

KM: I have always been interested in the fashion world. I played dress up every day as a young girl. In college I decided to major in Business and Apparel Merchandising. From there I knew exactly what my long-term goal was: open a boutique. I love the feeling of seeing someone light up when they try on something that truly makes them feel beautiful. Finding that perfect piece, can change your mood instantly. When you put on a rocking out t, it makes my job so much fun. People have always loved my style or asked where I got my out ts so I really made the store around my style, but I cater it to a wide range of customers.

CCN: How long have you been in business?

KM: I opened Kaitlyn Collective with my mother last June. She is on the Western Slope of Colorado and owns her own restaurant…a very busy woman! So we enjoy going to markets together, and we pick out every collection. We have very similar styles and are incredibly close, so this experience has been fun for us. When I am not at my store, I am also a Denver Broncos Cheerleader. I have had amazing support from my team. I can’t thank them or the organization enough for all they have done for Kailtyn Collective. GO BRONCOS!!!

CCN: Tell us about your style.

KM: My style is very straightforward. I love timeless looks, classic silhouettes, and neutral color pallets. I also love to add in fashion forward pieces to spice things up. It is so important for every woman to find what style they feel embodies them and really embrace it. I don’t try to wear things that I feel aren’t me, even though they are trending. It is so important to feel confident in what you’re wearing.

To learn more about what inspires Kaitlyn and how Kaitlyn Collective differs from other boutiques, check out the full Q&A session in our Spring Issue!



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