Best 3 Beauty Transition Trends of This Summer!

Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean these these summer beauty trends have to! In fact, these 3 beauty trends are the perfect transition trends into fall!

As Michael Moore says, “all it takes to make a statement is a bright color on your lips”, and this statement could not be any truer as we are seeing red, peach, electric orange, and fuchsia lips dominate beauty this summer.

This next trend is as timeless as can be: skin. Everyone wants fresh, beautiful, glowing skin – the shinier and glowier the face … EVEN BETTER! This may be the easiest beauty trend of them all, since all you need is a good skincare regime and some moisturizer!

Lastly, you can’t forget the eyes – ever! As you transition to fall this summer, be sure to go for the pop, since yellows, blues, and purples are making a return! With the color being the main focal point, you’ll want to turn to a more neutral lip to maintain balance. Be sure to have fun with it!

These 3 beauty trends are just the looks you need in order to stay on top of the transition from summer to fall.


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