Hydrate IV Bar and Live Love Lash Have Partnered Up!

There is never too much of a good thing, and the recent partnership between Hydrate IV Bar and Live Love Lash is living proof! With a new Hydrate IV Bar lounge opening within Live Love Lash, customers now have the option to receive IV therapy treatment in addition to the spa service they receive at Live Love Lash or to receive IV therapy treatments separately at the Hydrate IV Bar lounge. The partnership comes as a result of both Live Love Lash and Hydrate IV Bar wanting to provide a safe, effective, and affordable service to individuals passionate about living a healthy lifestyle – this partnership gives customers just that! Live Love Lash works to provide personalized and professional beauty treatments to clients worldwide, and specializes in day spa services including: eyelash extensions, spray tanning, microblading, body contouring, waxing, lash and brow tinting, nails, bridal packages, and professional makeup. Now, they’re adding the option of IV therapy treatment, which is ideal for individuals experiencing dehydration or those who just want to improve their overall health. It is clear that health and wellness are top priorities for these two wonderful companies, and it truly shows!


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