A Sixth Junior League of Denver Cookbook is on the Way!

The countdown starts now – Junior League of Denver is set to release their sixth cookbook, Centennial Celebrations, in 2019. With a sixth cookbook set to join the rest of Junior League of Denver’s award-winning cookbooks, Junior League of Denver is reaching out to the public to find the perfect recipes for meals and occasions that connect us all. Junior League is looking for some of Colorado’s favorite recipes for celebrations of all sizes, from date nights to large holiday gatherings and everything in between.

The Junior League of Denver is taking recipe submissions up until November 20th, 2017, so if you have a favorite recipe, be sure to send it in! You could even be one of the lucky few who gets their recipe included in the cookbook!

Since 1978, Junior League of Denver’s cookbooks have been a staple of Colorado living, as they have sold more than 2.1 million cookbooks, with net proceeds totaling $6.9 million. While Junior League of Denver is a women’s training organization that develops civic leaders committed to improving our community, JLD also is well-known for their incredible cookbooks that feature unique triple-tested recipes, as well as mouth-watering recipe photos and Colorado landscape photography.

All the proceeds form the cookbooks go towards supporting JLD’s efforts to train women and improve our community. For example, proceeds will go towards JLD’s initiative, Leaders United in Volunteer Service, working to better the communities of Globeville and Elyria-Swansea (GES) neighborhoods and Read2Kids literacy events at Swansea Elementary.

To submit a recipe, follow these simple steps!

1. Online at www.frprecipecollection.com, enter Book Code 8020-VS
2. Email to recipes@jld.org


2. Mail to: Junior League of Denver
c/o Recipe Collection
1140 Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80204


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