Salon Bodhi wants you to love your hair!

Take a break from the everyday stress and pamper yourself at Salon Bodhi for the day. With a rotating collection of local artists’ work on the walls, low-key music, and accommodating staff, you quickly learn why this hidden gem has such a devoted following. The vibe is spa-meets-salon and that’s no accident. Owner and master stylist... Continue Reading →

Cynthia Ann Jewels at Oster Jewelers

Cynthia Ann charms from Oster Jewelers are such amazing and distinctive pieces.  Made with a unique mix of precious metals and semi precious stones.  Denver,  we love to wear our jeans..... and what a better way to dress them up!! Visit to see what's new from Cynthia Ann

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Do you ever look at your skin care products or makeup and think, “I am sure this is definitely not supposed to look like this or smell like this.” News flash…it’s not supposed to and knowing when to throw your products will save you from embarrassing infections or rashes and ensure that you are still... Continue Reading →

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